All Browsers Suck

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I like a lot of features of Mozilla, but it is unbearable for me. It is not Mac-like. Amongst other things:
  • It won't store passwords in the system Keychain, but in its own thing
  • It won't use helper apps for mail and FTP
  • It won't use Mac OS contextual menus
  • It doesn't use Mac OS widgets
    • Selecting text works differently (if at all)
    • Buttons and other clickable widgets behave differently
    • Everything is slower

There's more, but I don't want to belabor the point: it is not a Mac app, it is an app that runs on Mac OS. And I want a Mac browser.

MSIE is a good Mac app. But it crashes. And takes my whole machine with it. Some would say that makes it a REALLY good Mac app ...

Opera is a pretty good Mac app, but I don't know how actively they are developing the Mac version -- it's a full version behind -- and frankly, I dislike how it renders things. looks pretty bad in Opera, but looks fine in all my other browsers. And that's not the only site that has the problem. It's just weird-looking.

Netscape 4.x is not *very* Mac-ish, but it is Mac-ish enough. But it is also very old and crufty, and crashes quite a bit. It doesn't take my whole machine with it -- usually -- but it does crash too much. It is my fallback browser when my browser-of-the-month annoys me too much.

iCab is nice, though a bit underdeveloped. However, it is coming along nicely; it has HTTPS and Java and JavaScript. Supposedly. JavaScript support seems weak, still. Of course, that could be more a blessing than a curse. It's CSS support is much improved now over previous versions, which was really my big show-stopper. It doesn't understand file:/Volume/ URLs; only file://localhost/Volume/ or file:///Volume/. It doesn't use my cool new favicon.ico files. When I paste something, it puts a space after it sometimes. Oh well. All Browsers Suck. But for now I am going to stick with iCab, now that CSS support is good.

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