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The Democrats are annoying me. First they get mad that Bush is giving away to donors, amongst other pictures, a picture of himself taken on September 11. I cannot for the life of me figure out, from their words or from a careful examination, what is unreasonable or wrong about that. This is how politics works: you show your good side. On September 11 and in the aftermath, he did a good job. So what?
Now they are launching an investigation into why Bush didn't release information from August about the possibility of terrorist hijackings. Maybe it is because they had no specific information and they get information like that all the time. Hell, on September 16, five days after the attack, Cheney announced in an interview that they had this information, so it's not like they kept it a secret until now.
Attacking Bush for real problems is one thing, but just making stuff up is annoying. They seriously need to get a life. use.perl.org

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