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I integrated perl into macperl this morning with perforce, and noticed a discrepancy with regard to lib/Unicode/. My perl/ had no lib/Unicode/, only lib/unicode/. So I naturally assumed this was correct, and did some p4 wranglings to fix it. I branched Unicode into unicode and deleted Unicode (strike one: I deleted everything locally in the newly created unicode, because local p4 didn't see any difference). So I committed it all and was thinking about how to get the deleted files back when I jumped over to my Linux box and noticed these files were not in perl/lib/unicode/ at all. Just some empty directories. Scratch head.
Aha. macperl was right, and perl was wrong. At one point unicode was removed and replaced by Unicode, but the old unicode directory was left behind and populated with the new files destined for Unicode. Strike two. So screw it, I just delete it all and copy in the new stuff and commit. All I really needed to do was rename one directory locally, but a half dozen commits later, it's straightened out, mostly.
Sigh. And since I copied I lost all the filelog history. Strike three. Oh well.

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