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My TiBook is still freezing. I got a new keyboard, and I thought it fixed the problem for awhile, but after a full day of using, it finally did freeze, and I was able to duplicate it many times. I don't know if the length of time the computer has been running makes a difference, but sometimes I can reliably hit the space bar a few times and freeze it, and sometimes I cannot. But soon after I cannot, like 10 minutes later, I usually can.

I can also cause it to freeze during the startup "bong" sound, if that tells you anything. It's definitely hardware.

Also, it doesn't happen with external keyboards (or never has), it doesn't seem to happen unless I press down with some force (not banging, but not lightly pressing, either), and it doesn't happen if I lift the keyboard off the laptop, out of its well. I tried tapping on other components inside (sure, why not?) but couldn't cause it to freeze.

The only good news about this is that I think I can use the computer at YAPC. I can type lightly, and even if I do freeze, I think the freezes should be infrequent (as long as I don't play any games, which is when I use more force; most of the freezes I've had, when I've not been trying to freeze the machine, have been while playing video games, mostly EV Nova). I can bring an external keyboard, too, for when I am able to use it (such as during my talk). I am fairly sure at this point I will have to send the machine to Apple (my one fear is that they will not be able to duplicate the freezes), but I can do it after returning from YAPC, as I have no travel plans for another month and a half.

The other good news is that I have two perfectly good TiBook keyboards. Yay, me. use.perl.org

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