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I got TMBG's new album, No!, a collection of songs for the whole family (that's code for "families with kids", though anyone can enjoy the album).

I like all of it except for this one song about crossing the street that seems entirely out of place, like it should be on a Barney CD. Thirteen of the 17 tracks also have an accompanying Flash animation thing on the CD, which is nifty.

My favorite songs are Four Of Two, a song about waiting for 2 o'clock, but the clock never moves from four of two, for many years; and The House At The Top Of The Tree, one of those songs where the lyrics go really fast and get jumbled together. TMBG doesn't disappoint the kids, I'll tell you what.

But anyway, I have the first track stuck in my head: it's called Fibber Island, and the lyrics are basically fibs about things ("our friends live on Mars, and we sew buttons on our cars"). It is screaming out to me that it should be spoofed with a new version called Three Mile Island, with lyrics about mutations, but I think there's an international law somewhere that says you can't spoof already-funny songs.

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