Mac::Glue on Mac OS X, Revisited

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This morning I added support to Mac::AETE::App (and small changes to Mac::AETE::Format::Glue and the gluemac droplet) to support apps in packages, and now I can "glue" apps under Mac OS X. I had added preliminary support before, but lost the code, and it wasn't very complete anyway. I am finding Mac::Glue to still be very useful under Mac OS X, despite running on MacPerl under Classic.

I still have issues with launching apps by signature (maybe it only works for Carbon apps?), and even when I do launch apps, the Launch routine returns immediately instead of waiting, so I have to sleep and wait for the app to be ready; and I haven't yet created glues for Scripting Additions/Dialect (which isn't really necessary until Mac::Glue runs on perl for Mac OS X, I believe). I'll want to figure out the launching problems soon, but the rest can wait.

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