YAPC Day 1

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I woke up, showered, and watched the Brazil-Turkey match on ESPN.

I tried to decipher the instructions for where to go in the morning. I need a parking pass, which apparently don't really exist. Well, they do exist, but you need to find the bookstore and buy them there. siv was given money to go buy more, and so then we had parking passes. Ayup!

Larry's talk carried a Tolkien/LotR theme, which worked pretty well. I talked to many peoples and showed off my new baby and went to a talk by obra about RT, which I am going to play more with in the coming weeks -- I am considering moving MacPerl to use it -- and they are looking to move the perlbug DB to using it. It's in use at rt.cpan.org, a fine public service to the Perl community.

I went to Damian's talk about how Perl 6 is more like Perl than you may think. I read the TPJ article on the same topic on the plane, and I came away from the talk more frightened of Perl 6 than I was before the talk, but after the article.

I hung out with jjohn and gnat a bit, went to dinner with them, had a wonderful evening, and then returned with jjohn for a Template Toolkit BOF before heading back to the room for bed.

In the corner of the TT BOF room, Rbrt, lathos, and obra were working on replacing the perlbug DB with RT. Stay tuned.

I am quickly skimming over many details and people, but I am tired, and when stated this way it doesn't really seem like a lot, but the day was quite full and enjoyable, and I am looking forward to more over the next two days. use.perl.org

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