YAPC Day 2

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What a day. It started off unremarkably, with some good talks, but then MJD's Mailing List Judo talk kicked us all in the butt. It was funny because it was true, going through various types of people on perl5-porters and giving tips for how to get your patch accepted.

I listened to more about Perl 6 and became even less interested in it. Enough said.

I listened to some of ingy's YAML talk and am considering looking into it for some things (as I am considering looking into RT). That's some of the good stuff about conferences like this.

After the Mailing List Judo talk I had to attend the Conference Presentation Judo talk, where I picked up a few tips. But MJD stole my thunder when he said the most manipulative trick he knows is to put pictures of happy babies in your slides; but today, I plan on strapping a real live baby to my chest. My shame knows no bounds.

gnat asked to borrow my PowerBook to use FireWire and iMovie to put together a film for the Lightning Talks. It was exceptional. He spent a few hours importing, cutting, pasting, etc. and it was brilliant. I'm sure he'll put up a QuickTime movie somewhere. But my PowerBook had two problems (perhaps related?): as he finished, the PowerBook (see previous entries) froze, and then it wouldn't open the movie file. We copied the file to freeside's iBook via FireWire and got it done just in time. I later found out that the problem with opening the movie file is related to the titles: when I removed the titles from the opening, it was fine. Bugger. I tried re-adding them, no dice. I dunno.

Then we went to |siv|'s house for a BBQ and Jam, which was quite enjoyable. |siv|'s family was wonderful (and showed great hospitality to my wife and daughter), and everyone seemed to have a lot of fun. We should have had a better setlist or something for the jam, though. It's jjohn's fault for not having messaging on, as he never got my comment about such preparation, and I thought he would have.

Then driving MJD and jjohn back to dorm (wow, they are far from the university!) and hotel, and to bed. Good day. use.perl.org

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