YAPC Day 3

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I never finished my Day 3 wrapup. I remember hanging out longer than normal in the hotel room to finish up my talk, then going to the university, then giving my talk.

I think my talk went well, though I can never be too sure. Riley gave most of the talk with me -- my hot dancing babe -- and was a big hit. I forgot to start Classic, or it somehow got quit, and so my talk stalled for a minute or two. I think I went too fast over a few things, and didn't explain some things well enough. I'd do it better if I did it again, and maybe next time I'll try giving the talk to Boston.pm or somesuch, first. Although, since I never finish my talks until they are ready to give, that'd be tough.

Damian's closing talk -- good as usual -- mentioned the Perl eugenics program featuring breeding of a new class of programmers with coded names, like gnat's Raley and my Riley, both having some relation to O'Reilly. It's all a conspiracy!

Jennifer, Riley, and I were tired and unfortunately didn't stick around on Friday evening. We went back to the hotel after a good YAPC, ate dinner at J.Buck's, and slept.

The next day was annoying. The hotel had quoted us $119 for the second two nights, but charged $139 each, and wouldn't change it. They had other problems too, relatively minor, but they added up. The flight was delayed about an hour, and we only had 1.25 hours between connecting flights. Luckily, the connecting flight was delayed too, due to security problems. Yay!

We saw Dan Sugalski at the airport, getting searched. I had my shoes searched. Poor security guy.

Got home very late and slept.

Riley was very happy all Sunday. She was quite glad to be home. use.perl.org

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