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It's funny to me, in more than one way, to see everyone coming to the Mac platform. I've been using it for almost as long as I can remember.

Before Mac OS X, I was using an old, decrepit, silly toy operating system. And now I am an early adopter, a sage being with incredible insight into this new wonder that is Mac OS X.

Of course, the truth is that Mac OS X is not Mac OS, that it is a new operating system, that NeXT users were the real early adopters (well, OK, Mac users were the early adopters of most of the UI and some of the API, but NeXT users had the rest), and that it's pretty new for everyone. But still, I slide fairly comfortably (if not entirely willingly) into the world of Mac OS X, knowing much about AppleScript and Apple events, what apps are available, platform-specific differences, etc. So while Mac OS X is new, it's very familiar, and Apple has done a tremendous job (if a slow one) of making Mac OS X feel like home.

So it's pretty funny to me to see all these Perl programmers, many formerly hating Macs, clamoring to the Mac platform, learning about the little things, and falling in love like I did many years ago. It's also a bit disturbing, because I used to be "The Mac Guy" in the Perl world, and I am that no longer (or at most, not for long ;-). But that's good, because the more's the merrier, and it means less work for me to get the tools I want (I'm looking at you, Elian).

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