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So I want to get Mac::Glue to work on Mac OS X, and I am porting a few Mac:: XS modules. First up was the simplest, Mac::Types. Then I did Mac::Memory. The next few -- Mac::Files, Mac::MoreFiles, Mac::Resources, Mac::Processes -- all require GUSI, so I am going to have to do something about those; it shouldn't be too hard, the functions needed are mostly just converting paths to FSSpecs and back. Then there's Apple events. It could prove to be a challenge; I'm not yet sure.

So far the issues popping up, aside from disabling unsupported functions and providing missing GUSI functionality, there are just some common .h-type things to provide, a few common functions, and ... $^E. $^E cannot be hacked into perl on Mac OS X, so it will require a porting of scripts that use the Mac:: modules. I figure I'll have a Mac::Carbon module or something that will provide a MacError() function to retrieve $^E. Maybe a tie'd variable. I dunno.

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