Mac OS, Mac OS X, Source, and Newlines

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So now I am in a quandry of what to do with my various repositories, if I decide to stick with Mac OS X. I have a lot of checkouts with CVS and perforce using Mac OS newlines, and am thus forced to use Mac OS tools: p4 under MPW under Classic[*] instead of p4 under Mac OS X, and CVS under maccvs (Carbon, lsh) instead of maccvsX (Carbon, ssh) or cvs on the command line.

Now, the Mac OS newlines are most flexible, since I cannot use the Unix newlines if I do go back to Mac OS. However, it'd be nice to be able to take advantage of the Mac OS X tools. Further, some of the repositories -- specifically, the MacPerl-related ones -- *shouldn't* be checked out in Unix newlines, unless I have tools convert them to Mac newlines before doing builds, etc., which would be a bit annoying, but it might be the easiest way to go (if I can make sure that only text files are "fixed"!).

It's a bit overwhelming and I see no easy solutions, unless I can get cvs and perforce to be newline-agnostic ... maybe I'll look into that in the coming week, but it might not even fix the problems. I'll look into the cvs, maccvsX, and p4 docs.

[*] One nice thing about doing this under Classic instead of booting into Mac OS is that while before I needed to ssh tunnel through another host, now I can ssh tunnel from Classic through an ssh tunnel on the same box. Although, while with p4 under Mac OS X I can have P4PORT=localhost:1666 or somesuch, I can't get to localhost from Classic. P4PORT=$MYIP:1666 works; I just need to change it if my IP address changes.

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