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We recently got a new printer for the home, and selected a Canon S820 photo printer. It has really nice output -- not top of the line for inkjets, but the next step down. You can't see the dots unless you know what to look for and have good eyes, which is good enoguh for the primary use (sending 4x6 photos to friends and family, and putting them on the refrigerator, etc.). Most people won't know they were printed at home, they are quite good.

But when we shopped for photo paper, we got some Kodak paper, that said it worked with all inkjet photo printers. And MAN it sucked. The ink just didn't take on the paper very well, or something, and the odd patterns on Jennifer's neck made her look like a Trill. Freaky.

Anyway, we went back to the Canon paper. Kodak had a guarantee, I might return the paper and get a refund.

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