Another Year Over

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The Boston Red Sox finished another season.

Only six pitchers in the league had ERAs of under 3.00; three of them -- Pedro Martinez, Derek Lowe, and Tim Wakefield -- play for the Sox. Martinez and Lowe finished first and second, Wakefield fourth.

Manny Ramirez finished first in the league in batting. Nomar Garciaparra finished eighth.

The Sox had the second best batting average (Anaheim first), and second best run production (Yankees first).

The Sox had the third best ERA.

The Sox finished the season with 93 wins, only the third time since 1986 they finished with more than 90.

And yet, it is the most wins they've earned without going to the playoffs since they finished one game out in 1978, with 99 wins.

Three of the top four pitchers. Best hitter. Top two in hitting, top three in pitching. Over 90 wins. And no playoffs.


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