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iSync is Apple's newest iOffering, this one pulling together iPod, iCal, Address Book, and .mac so that you can sync your contact and calendar data with all your devices. Using my iTools account (soon to go away, if I don't get it converted to .mac soon), I was able to sync my two Macs together. Very cool. Change a contact or calendar once place, sync and have it show up the other place.

It also lets you sync some Bluetooth-enabled phones, and Palms. I have the latter, and so I backed up everything and then had it erase the data from my Palm and copy over my iCal and Address Book data. The sync got interrupted (because .mac was down), and the Palm only got partially updated. On a subsequent sync, the Address Book data was duplicated (yes, I followed Apple's instructions, this was a different problem), and the iCal data would not sync at all. iSync kept offering some Assert Failed error.

Eventually, I decided to start from scratch. I deleted all my iSync prefs, unregistered the computer from .mac, and did everything over. This time, it worked. That initial failed sync must've corrupted something. But now it is happy, and so am I. This makes my Palm far more useful. Now, if only I can get frelling AvantGo to work ...

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