Carbon Moving Forward

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I've got a basic framework laid out now, I think. Right now my biggest problem is with file specs (a specific Mac type, FSSpec).
  • It's easy to convert a full path to a file spec, but it is more difficult to convert a relative path.

  • It makes little sense to use Mac paths, so on input, paths will need to be converted to POSIX, and on output the same.

  • The Carbon routine I found to convert a file spec to a path does output POSIX paths, so that helps. Although, I am having trouble making it not segfault. I need to pass in UInt8 for the pointer to the path, and the routine should return char *, and everything I try results in a segfault when it hits sv_setpv(). I hate C.

Anyway, that's the log for today. So far, I have Types, Resources, Gestalt, Memory all working fairly well, aside from the "must be asbolute path" caveat. Files is mostly working. MoreFiles is next, then Processes. "Last" will be AppleEvents -- the most difficult one, I still suspect -- although I likely will also do portions of

("Last" meaning for the work needed for Mac::Glue; there are others possible, like InternetConfig, Speech, and a slew of GUI modules.)

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