MacPerl::DoAppleScript and MoreFiles

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So I've got Mac::MoreFiles essentially working under Mac OS X. I need to get the MacPerl package working, for many reasons, not the least of which is that %Application requires MacPerl::Volumes(). I have most of MacPerl done, including DoAppleScript:

[pudge@bourque]$ perl -MMacPerl=:all -le '$x = DoAppleScript(q{tell app "Finder" to get version}); print $x || $@'
## Component Manager: attempting to find symbols in a component alias of type (regR/carP/x!bt)

I wonder if there is any way to not have that "Component Manager" notification printed? I can redirect it to STDERR, but still, it's annoying. It's new, I've never seen it before today, and it even happens with a simple osascript(1). What the heck?

Anyway, so I needed to get Apple's MoreFiles sample code working, which required a few minor changes, basically just editing out a few lines, and making sure O_FILES was added to OBJECT. Because there is a MoreFiles.c in the sample code, MacPerl had made MoreFiles.xs into MF.xs, so there was no conflict. This caused some problems for me, so screw it, I made MoreFiles.c into MoreFilesOrig.c and MF.xs is now MoreFiles.xs. It's mostly happy for now, though I still need to figure out implementations for GUSISpecial2FSp, fsetfileinfo, and fgetfileinfo. Next up: Mac::AppleEvents!

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