PowerBook Combo Drive Woes

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For the weird notification thing I was getting, I found out the problem. I had STDERR messages such as

## Component Manager: attempting to find symbols in a component alias of type ...

any time I tried to look up a new component from the Component Manager, including just using osascript from the command line (which needs to look up the generic scripting component). I merely removed Toast Video CD Support.qtx from /Library/QuickTime/. Bad Roxio, Bad!

But worse, last night (coincidentally, while burning a Video CD as a test for my new DVD player), I discovered that my PowerBook will no longer eject discs. Somehow there is some sort of blockage. To get the VCD out I had to open up the whole PowerBook case. This is extraordinarily frustrating. I think this is all a plot to make sure PowerBook users purchase AppleCare.

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