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use Perl; has moved to its temporary home, a box on the same network as the old box. The old box is being packed up and shipped to Exodus West from Exodus East. use Perl also has DB boxes; those are staying in Exodus East for now, which made the move easier (I just needed to install Slash, move the static files, over, and do some configuration changes).

When we get to the West coast, we'll need to set up new DB boxes, sync the data from the old DB box, copy the static files back over, update configs. We might see some downtime at that point, since we'll need to shut down the DBs, and then there's the issue of DNS (which might not be a big deal, since we have some tunnelling thing going on for stale DNS entries to be handled).

So good news: no real downtime now, and hopefully minimal in a week or so.

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