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It's about time. The U.S. government is now dominated by the Republican party on all fronts. Now, maybe some good will get done.

Oh, I have no illusions that the GOP is perfect. I dislike the majority GOP opinion on several important fronts, especially in regard to Microsoft and various speech issues (e.g., copyright). But right now I am more interested in fixing social security, health care, and the economy, and the GOP now has the opportunity and responsibility to fix them. Along the way, they can lower taxes, increase national defense, and get more conservative judges on the bench (the more strictly constructionist, the better).

Of course, if they fail, they will be gone in two years. But I don't think they will fail.

I am also placing bets on when the GOP will take control of the Senate. I am thinking it will be in two weeks. If the new Reform Senator from Minnesota would vote for Lott, then the GOP can take control of the Senate essentially at any time. They might wait for Coleman to arrive, or until the new Congress begins, though.

I think that it would be poetic if Daschle was replaced as Majority Leader as soon as possible, since he's really the one who blew this whole election for the Democrats. Forgetting that It's The Economy, Stupid, the Democrats focused primarily on war and homeland security for the past few months. Stupid. But I am thankful. slashdot.org

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