Mac::Carbon and Testing

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I am normally loathe to write tests, but for Mac::Carbon, I am making an exception. So the other night, I started working on a test suite. It is far from exhaustive, but it is a nice beginning. It does things like get a list of your volumes, convert them from FSSpec to paths, make sure the paths exist with -d, runs an AppleScript to get the version of the Finder, gets/sets creator/type of files, displays the amount of RAM in and the clock speed of the machine, displays a notification dialog to tell you to switch various applications to the front/back, plays a sound from a resource file, talks using the speech manager, and more.

I am even using Test::More, which makes life easier. I may need to include it in MacPerl. It's all working really well thus far.

    ok(my $h = Handle->new('xyzzy'),    'new handle');
    is($h->get, 'xyzzy',            'get handle');
    is($h->size, 5,                'handle size');
    is($h->get(2, 2), 'zz',            'get handle portion');

I just need to add some more tests for Mac::Files and Mac::MoreFiles, then clean it up (which includes making it build on machines other than this one and integrating the changes with MacPerl). Then: profit! I mean: release!

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