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I've got most of my minor makefile issues resolved, and I've decided to, for now, release the source with the .c files, generated by xsubpp, because the .xs files use custom XS macros (and a custom xsubpp) that make them incompatible with every other xsubpp. The plan is to probably have an xxsubpp, which will take an .xxs file and create an .xs file, which xsubpp can handle. We'll see.

I did a make dist and copied it to another Mac OS X box and did the old perl Makefile.PL ; make ; make test ; sudo make install, and it all worked, so it's Good Enough for now.

I've added a Mac::Carbon module, which will serve primarily as documentation for the rest of the distribution, but also as a front-end to the rest. See, in Mac OS, you need to #include each individual header file for the Mac API that you want; in Mac OS X, you can just #include . So Mac::Carbon will give you all of the symbols from all of the modules, if you want them.

So what next? I might try to integrate it into the MacPerl source ASAP, and (if I feel up to it) add some Files/MoreFiles/Resources tests, and then ... release. Woop.

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