Stupid DynaLoader Tricks

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In MacPerl, there's a neat little hack to make certain functions always available. Essentially, bootstrap is called for the MacPerl, OSA, and XL packages explicitly in runperl.c:

av_push(PL_preambleav, newSVpv("BEGIN { bootstrap MacPerl; bootstrap OSA; bootstrap XL;  }",0));

All three packages are statically linked, and are a "part of" the MacPerl package (that is, they get compiled into the same static library file). When porting this to Mac OS X, it causes problems: in, no bootstrap is done because it is not necessary, having already been done.

Normally, one could just do a conditional bootstrap, but this is complicated by the fact that a bootsrap OSA (we skip XL for Mac OS X) will look for a dynamic library named "OSA.$dl_dlext". But we don't have that. So instead, we first bootstrap MacPerl, and then find the file that was used for MacPerl -- don't load the file, it's already been loaded -- and use that to install our OSA::boostrap, before finally calling it.

It's possible I am overcomplicating things or doing something wrong, but hey, it works ...

# bootstrap MacPerl is already implicitly done by your MacPerl binary
unless ($^O eq 'MacOS') {
    # use Config;
    # my $dl_dlext = $Config::Config{'dlext'};
    my $dl_dlext = 'bundle';
    require DynaLoader;
    push @ISA, 'DynaLoader';
    bootstrap MacPerl;
    # because OSA is in MacPerl.bundle, not OSA.bundle
    my $file = "auto/MacPerl/MacPerl.$dl_dlext";
    foreach (@INC) {
        $dir = "$_/auto/MacPerl";
        next unless -d $dir;
        my $try = "$dir/MacPerl.$dl_dlext";
        last if $file = -f $try && $try;
    for my $mod (qw(OSA)) {
        my($xs, $symref);
        for (@DynaLoader::dl_librefs) {
            last if $symref = DynaLoader::dl_find_symbol($_, "boot_$mod");
        next unless $symref;
        $xs = DynaLoader::dl_install_xsub("${mod}::bootstrap", $symref, $file);

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