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I take awhile to play the hot new video games, usually. I just finished Diablo 2. I've been playing it on and off since shortly after it was released for Mac OS, and finally killed Diablo to win the game. Woooo. It is tense work, because I play a single player game, and at the end if you die, you're kinda screwed. I copy my character data in case I totally blow it, but still, it is a lot of work to go back after dying, especially in the last part where you need to clear out all these undead things to break the seals to free Diablo so you can kill him.

Next up: STA Vice City! If only I had a PS2 ...

Now Playing: Where You Are - Rich Mullins (The World As Best As I Remember It, Vol. 1)

Update: BTW, yes, this means I didn't do much work on MacPerl tonight. I needed a pre-break break. I might do some over Thanksgiving, at night when the family is asleep. As usual. use.perl.org

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