Mac::AppleEvents, Mostly Working

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Last night's problem was solved by adding "-lstdc++" to the linker flags. Thanks, Matthias!

So today, I get it working, and I try a simple script:

use Mac::AppleEvents;
$evt = AEBuildAppleEvent(qw(misc actv sign MACS), -1, 0, "");
AESend($evt, kAENoReply);

And sure enough, it activates the Finder. This is the equivalent of the AppleScript:

tell app "Finder" to activate

Sweet. I've even tried some more complex things, opening a directory in the Finder, using the Mac::AppleEvents::Simple frontend:

use Mac::AppleEvents::Simple ':all';
$evt = build_event(qw(aevt odoc MACS),
    q{'----':obj { want:type(cobj), from:null(), form:enum(name), seld:TEXT(@)}}
    "Orr:Users:pudge:"  # yes, AEGizmos requires HFS paths

Or, using aliases:

use Mac::AppleEvents::Simple ':all';
use Mac::Files;
$evt = build_event(qw(aevt odoc MACS), q{'----':alis(@@)}, NewAlias("/Users/pudge/")); $evt->send_event(kAENoReply)'

All looks good so far. But, you may ask, why kAENoReply? Sure, I don't need the reply, but why bother not waiting, as per the default? There's the big remaining problem: I can't receive a reply. I have an idle proc that appears to be working -- as is needed to receive a reply -- but it's not getting the event back. I was afraid of this. In Mac OS, you need to set a flag that says your application can receive high-level events (such as Apple events). But how to do this for perl? No idea. Working on a solution, but in the meantime, polishing and playing.

I also still need to port the AESubDescs (for subdescriptors) and AEStreams (an OO interface to handling Apple event data) stuff, but they are rarely used, and are a lower priority than just getting this to work. I'll be more than happy to add them back in later, if I can.

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