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Not necessarily in order.
  • Fix my GUSI emulation bugs so FSSpecs can be created without file existing
  • Release 0.03
  • Better test suite (esp. Files, MoreFiles, AppleEvents, OSA)
  • Work on new system for releasing modules (not necessary, but would be nice :)
  • Release ported Mac::OSA::Simple
  • Release ported Mac::AppleEvents::Simple; this may require some work to get remote Apple events working (they currently don't, I think the way to do this changed in Mac OS X, and this may come later ... remote events are not as critical at the moment)
  • Port and release Mac::Apps::Launch; launching and quitting applications (and finding them!) has changed in various ways, may also require changes to Mac::Processes
  • Port and release Mac::Glue (not a lot to do once all the other pieces are ported!)
Last night I said all this may take a month. That's the optimistic side. It's possible, if all the bugs are fixed easily (ha!) and I can quickly figure out the best way to do the apps launching (ha! ha!). But really, it'd be nice to get all this done by February.

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