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Thanks to brian d foy, I've got a Makefile workaround to use the included xsubpp for Mac::Carbon instead of the system one (MacPerl and Mac::Carbon use nonstandard XS macros and a nonstandard xsubpp). So I won't need to include the .c files anymore; they will be automatically generated properly.

Since that was working, I went ahead and did the second phase, which is autogenerating .pod files (because there is POD in the .xs, as MacPerl/Shuck uses the nonstandard =include directive so the extensions can have some sense of literate programming, keeping the documentation with the .xs functions). So now the documentation is (more or less) correct.

I refactored the Makefile.PLs to share a file, because there's just too much now. Most of the Makefile.PLs are reduced to:

use File::Spec::Functions;
use strict;
do(catfile(updir(), ''));

And, I made a few changes to get it to compile under gcc2 (for Mac OS X 10.2, anyway). Hopefully it will work for 10.1.x users, too. Thanks to Ken Williams and Paul McCann for pointing that out.

I am going to sit on this a few days and release it as 0.03 next week. It'd be nice to get that "GUSI" bug fixed in the meantime. We'll see.

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