PowerBook Woes

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My PowerBook had a problem recently. It would not eject optical discs. I wouldn't blame Apple for this, as it could have been damage I caused (I have no idea how, but there was a slight dent in the case near the drive, so ...). So I send it in for repairs on Thursday. Apple covers it all under warranty, replaces drive, half the case, and a cable. Repairs and ships on Friday. I get it back this morning, Monday. Great!

But um ... now it won't use the battery. Having the battery in the computer while powered with the AC can cause the computer to freeze. Pressing on the battery compartment causes the AC adapter's light (which tells if there is power, and if the battery is charging) to flicker. Smells like a bad connection. I open it up and the two screws holding the connector to the battery are not tightened. Tightening them makes the flicker go away, but despite resetting the Power Manager, I still can't power up using the battery.

Back to Apple tomorrow. If I am lucky, they fix it and return it on Thursday, and I get it back Friday. With no new or old problems. :-) use.perl.org

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