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OK, so Apple did get the PowerBook in time to fix it, and I got it back today; the web site said on Friday it had been received late on Friday and that was the last word, and the web site is down until Jan 2, as all their systems are being upgraded.

So the note inside said they fixed the problem, replacing the logic board (I am now on this computer's third logic board, though I think this replacement was likely unnecessary ... read on).

I try to boot the computer on the battery. Once again, it failed. Sigh. They simply did not fix the problem they caused the last time. If you recall, I sent in the computer to get the optical drive fixed, and it came back not powering with the battery. They apparently didn't even TEST to see if the problem THEY CAUSED was fixed this time around. So I get the computer back from its second "repair" with the exact same symptom as before. It boggles the mind. "Computer won't work with battery" apparently means "just replace the logic board, don't bother trying to use the computer with the battery."

And because their systems are being upgraded, I probably won't get a box to ship the computer back for several days.

The only good thing about the state of the computer is that it appears to work fine if no battery is installed, so I can at least work on setting the computer up (I am reinstalling everything, including fink, perl, etc.).

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