Preloading mod_perl Scripts

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I was trying to figure out how to preload mod_perl scripts, and I was told by several people to use the PerlRequire directive. The problem is, that's entirely wrong.

PerlRequire just does a require(). But what mod_perl does, via Apache::Registry, is load the text of the script, add some stuff to it, including a new package directive, eval it, and install it into its registry. A require(), or PerlRequire, will not do anything to help here.

The correct answer is Apache::RegistryLoader. I ended up using something like this.

PerlModule Apache::RegistryLoader
my @pls     = qw(names of scripts or something);
my $vhost   = '';
my $docroot = '/path/to/scripts';
my $r       = Apache::RegistryLoader->new;
for my $u (@pls) {
    my $f = "$docroot/$";
    $r->handler("/$", $f, $vhost) if -e $f;

I know this is in various FAQs, but 1. my DNS was acting up and I was having trouble getting anywhere, 2. I found plenty of people contradicting the FAQs, and 3. I had to add the virtual host parameter before it would work properly (else it would install the script in a different package than what it would be called as later), which wasn't in the FAQ.

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