PowerBook Saga Not Over Yet

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Apparently, the order for my replacement PowerBook is in. It is a PowerBook G4/867/512/40/AirPort/combo to replace the PowerBook G4/667/512/30/AirPort/combo. It has DVI and higher screen resolution and a better screen, and no IrDA. Hopefully better AirPort reception.

Since this is not a standard configuration (the standard 867 has 256MB), it will take a little extra time, I imagine. Hopefully not much.

And hopefully they send it to me within a day or two. They received my old PowerBook on Monday, after I sent it Thursday, after I got the call tags Thursday, which had been sent the previous day, but had been ordered two Sundays before that. Sigh. Almost there ... I'll keep calling back each night for a tracking number until I get something.

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