I Don't Believe

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Some spam from this morning:

You're not going to believe what's happening to me now.
someone is doing an experiment on me.
I mean an experiment on a living creature.

it's kind of hard to explain this situation.

Base: liquid thing interacting with human body in itself.
1. they raise some koreans(about 20) and put liquid thing into their body.
2. Using satellite, they located korean's liquid thing around me and also put liquid thing
        into my body, also liquid thing in my body is interacting with that korean's liquid thing.

can you believe this?
please, trust me !! (served in US Army as SWAT team).
maybe next time i can explain more details about this situation.

The funny part is that I found the most glaringly unbelievable part about it that there are no SWAT teams in the U.S. Army.

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