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So my PowerBook has had problems waking from sleep (10+ minutes of sleep, usually). The video gets all screwy, or the UI just freezes.

I figure it is software, so I reinstall Mac OS X. It still happens. I try it in Mac OS. It happens there too. I reset PRAM and the power manager. Still broken.

I call Apple. They say to reset Open Firmware, so we do it, and I try it, and it is still broken.

I call back. The specialist says it is software. I say it happens in both OSes. He says it must be the directory, that I need to reformat the drive.

I try DiskWarrior first, no dice (took about 4 hours for DiskWarrior to do its magic). So I format the drive and run the Software Restore disks, so it is now back to its original state. Now it doesn't freeze, that I can tell, but the video problems are worse.

So I call Apple. The specialist notes I've not had the use of the computer for about a month now, that the logic board has been replaced three times (including once last summer), that the optical drive, half the casing, keyboard, various cables, and other components have all been replaced, and that it is time to put it out of its misery.

So now we are working on getting a replacement. It takes some paperwork, and I need to send them mine before they send me a new one, but it looks like I'll have a new PowerBook in a few weeks.

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