PowerBook Saga Really Over This Time (I Hope)

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I finally got my new PowerBook from Apple today. It first went in for a sprained ankle on Dec. 19, and it came back with cancer. Over three weeks ago they decided to replace it, and finally, it got replaced.

So my almost 9-month-old (well, now, over 10-month-old) PowerBook G4/667/512/30/AirPort/combo became a new PowerBook G4/867/512/40/AirPort/combo. I lost IrDA, and gained better AirPort reception (I can now compute from the bathroom and bedroom without the external WaveLAN card, but I installed WirelessDriver just in case). I gained a better screen, which has resolution that seems too high for my cherished Geneva 9 and ProFont 9. I am not sure about whether or not I get a new 1-year warranty, or just something like "old warranty or 90 days, whichever is longer."

I spent much of today fixing the machine up again. I am almost done with Mac OS X, just doing a fresh fink install now. My Mac OS apps are back in place, but I need to reinstall some stuff into the Mac OS System Folder. But I will just add things back to the System Folder as needed. I am keeping the 10GB compressed disk image from the old system around, so I can grab things as I find I forgot them.

I am unhappy with Apple's repair service, which broke my computer and couldn't fix it on three trips to the repair facility. And it took over three weeks to get me a replacement PowerBook once they decided to replace it. All told, I was without my computer for two days shy of seven weeks. But, I am happy to have it now. slashdot.org

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