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Yesterday I ordered the Sony DCR-PC120BT, instead of the Canon Optura 200MC. From what I could tell, I would rather have been comparing the PC115 to the Optura 100MC; the PC115 doesn't have the -- to me -- entirely useless Bluetooth modem (which retails for $200 on its own), and the Optura 100MC has various features that the 200MC is lacking. I got it from B & H Photo for $600 off retail.

It's a tiny machine, and has pretty much all the features I could want. I've heard some "complaints" about the Canons producing better video (in terms of sharpness and color), but I doubt I will have any problems with it, because even the people who said that also said that the Sony was very good, just that they thought the Canon was a little better. And that it has a 1.5MP CCD means in a pinch I can use it for stills, in place of my Nixon Coolpix 995.

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