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I finished moving several of my projects on to a single project, and have begun using RT for bugs. I'll set up a web site at some point that will automatically link to, for each project, the page, the RT page, the page, etc.

But now that I have this main stuff done, I can move on to some coding. Yummy. I will either start with MP3::Info, or Devel::FindGlobals, or Mac::Carbon. Whichever strikes my fancy when I start, probably tomorrow. The latter two don't need much (for the current releases), so I might just polish them up and release them first. MP3::Info will actually take work.

I'll probably do Devel::FindGlobals first and work on the my file release system. I am stealing code and ideas from brian d foy and r j ray and others, probably using brian's release script as a starting point. It currently does some sanity checking, then uploading to CPAN and and releasing. I will probably add code to write out an update to the web site, automatically create HTML docs, post to my journal via SOAP, etc.

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