MP3-Info-1.02 Released

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MP3-Info-1.02 has been released. Download it from the CPAN or

* v1.02, Sunday, March 2, 2003

      Fix broken argument parsing for use_mp3_utf8. (Ben Gertzfield)

      Document that UTF8 can be access in ":all" export tag. (Ben Gertzfield)

      Better document for new() method.

      Add can() method. (Ken Williams)

      Stick failure warnings in $@. (Jeffrey Friedl)

      Added support for reasonable data from ID3v2 tags with RAW_V2 == 2.
      (brian d foy and others)

      Deal with broken iTunes comment frames in ID3v2.3.0/2.4.0. (Many users)

      remove_mp3tag() was reporting 128 bytes removed even if no bytes were
      removed. (scfc_de @

      Allow calling methods on objects where tag does not exist (e.g., don't fail
      if there is no comment but you call $mp3->comment).

      Various bugfixes.

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