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I've put up a new web page at http://projects.pudge.net/. Recently, I've been doing some project reorganization, and I wanted to use SF.net and the CPAN for file releases, SF.net for CVS, search.cpan.org for documentation/home page, and rt.cpan.org for bug reporting; although, in some cases, there are slight differences (Slash has its own CVS, and Slash and MacPerl are using SF.net for bugs and have their own home page). So the new web page is the central place to get to all the various locations of these things, for each project I work on.

And now that I have brian d foy's release module working, I intend to do some more releases. :-) Mac::Carbon is next, a smallish release primarily for bugfixes and a few upgrades, and then I intend to get on with some Apple events/OSA stuff, and get Mac::Glue working.

As noted previously, MP3::Info 1.02 was just released; I'll come back to ID3v2 tag writing after the rest of this stuff, and it really needs better tests (though they were upgraded significantly for this release). But then again, everything needs better tests.

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