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Now that I have my new system of managing my software in place (using for bugs, for central location of links, for CVS and file downloads, and release to simplify the distribution process), I am moving forward again with development.

Mac::Carbon and MP3::Info have had long-awaited releases, and I am just about ready to release the first port of Mac::OSA::Simple to Mac OS X (as soon as I finish up the tests for it). The changes were minor: a newline issue (OSA scripts are returned by the decompile API with CRs for newlines!) and an issue to work around an open bug in Mac::Carbon (the file routines fail for nonexistent files).

When that is released, I'll do some work on porting Mac::AppleEvents::Simple.

Mac::Carbon could really use some more tests, especially for Mac::Files. Volunteers? :-) Other modules needing tests are Mac::MoreFiles and Mac::Resources. Mac::Sound, Mac::Processes, and Mac::Components have some tests, but could use more.

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