MacPerl 5.8 Progress Redux

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Heh, when I built 5.8 the other day, it was the first time since rebuilding my Mac, and I didn't build the latest. Oops.

But the good news is that when I rebuilt it, I had only a few more problems. XS::APItest required an additional symbol in PerlStub, and a few more tests needed porting. On the way, I also found a bug in File::Spec::Unix (in one place it called File::Spec->canonpath instead of $self->canonpath) and (_get_dirs($path) was acting on $_ instead of $path).

So basically, all tests pass except for some ExtUtils tests (that have never been ported) and a few tests that break on known MacPerl bugs. There is one other test that's bothering me in Devel::Peek, on a tainted value, which I'll need to figure out at some point.

What does this mean for MacPerl 5.8.0? These tests are just the beginning; I need to make sure the application is working, as well as the Mac:: modules. But hopefully the open issues with it will be taken care of and the beta period will be swift. I do think I am going to wait for 5.8.1 for beta, though.

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