Mac::Carbon Update

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I've been putting some work into Mac::Carbon in the last week or so. Quick highlights:
  • Fixing the problems with GUSI not working for files that don't exist; done except for testing (I hope :-)
  • Trying to get Mac::Carbon to start up faster (not being too successful so far)
  • Porting Mac::AppleEvents::Simple (working fine, except for a few things which won't work well on Mac OS X)
  • Putting together a Bundle::Mac::Carbon
I also need to get Mac::Apps::Launch ported, and at some point need to get Mac OS X's Launch Services working.

When all this is done, and maybe before, I'll do Mac::Glue.

I'll provide more details on each of these at some point. I may not get any of it done for a couple of weeks, though, as I am going on a short vacation.

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