Mac::Carbon 0.50 Released

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Mac::Carbon keeps chugging along. Some new features of general interest:
  • Ability to open resource files in data forks with FSOpenResourceFile()
  • Ability to find paths to applications based on bundle ID, creator type, or app name with LSFindApplicationForInfo()
  • Addition of Mac::InternetConfig, to look up and set IC information, Get URLs (e.g., GetURL($url) will open the URL in your app of choice), etc.

Some important bugfixes are included as well, including the ability of FSp* routines to accept pathnames for files that don't exist. A full test suite for Mac::Files was added as well (with more extensions to go).

I'll be posting some journal entries about this release of Mac::Carbon at this week, time permitting.

The ports of Mac::Apps::Launch, Mac::AppleEvents::Simple, and -- yes! -- Mac::Glue are basically done, with this release of Mac::Carbon, and are being prepared for release.

As always, fetch it from the CPAN or

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