Major Mac::Carbon Update Coming

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I have been working quite a bit on Mac::Carbon while on vacation, and in the next week or so I should be ready for release of it, along with updated versions of Mac::AppleEvents::Simple and Mac::Apps::Launch; the port of Mac::Glue is mostly done (thanks to many of the changes below), but needs quite a bit of cleanup and tests, etc. It will take another week or so. Here are the highlights I've accomplished so far.
  • Mac::InternetConfig added
  • GUSI-emulation API able to handle FSSpecs for files that don't exist
  • Find apps with LaunchServices by creator, bundle ID, or name, instead of FSpDTGetAPPL
  • Open resource files in data fork, not just resource fork
  • Support for Mac::AppleEvents::Simple and Mac::Glue
I am probably going to give it the version number 0.50 to represent that the major TODO items have been taken care of. The bulk of what is left to do before it is "release-quality" is writing tests, fixing relatively minor bugs, and possibly adding Mac::SpeechRecognition. More to come later, when it is time to release, including some of the more interesting details surrounding support of the above items.

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