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This script -- using as-yet unreleased versions of Mac::Glue and Mac::Carbon -- works under perl on Mac OS X (as well as MacPerl under Mac OS) to loop through my mailbox for new journal messages, groups them by user, opens them in the browser one user at a time, and then moves the messages to the trash.

Note, to those of you new to Mac:: modules, that GetURL() automatically opens the URL in whichever browser you have chosen as your default.

The Mac::Glue stuff is pretty straightforward.

use strict;
use warnings;
use Mac::Glue ':all';
use Mac::InternetConfig 'GetURL';
my $eudora  = new Mac::Glue 'Eudora';
my $box     = $eudora->obj(mailbox => ' use perl');
my $count   = $eudora->count($box, 'each' => 'messages');
my $trash   = location(end => $eudora->obj(mailbox => "Trash"));
my %users;
# loop over messages in mailbox
for my $i (1 .. $count) {
    my $msg = $eudora->obj(message => $i, $box);
    # check status
    my $status  = $eudora->get( $eudora->prop(status  => $msg) );
    next unless $status eq 'unread';
    # check subject
    my $subject = $eudora->get( $eudora->prop(subject => $msg) );
    next unless $subject =~ /^\[use Perl\] New Journal Entry by (.+?), "/;
    my $user = $1;
    # many Mac apps still use \015 as newline internally, as does AppleScript
    (my $body = $eudora->get( $eudora->prop(body => $msg) )) =~ s/\015/\n/g;
    # get URL for journal entry out of the body
    my($url) = $body =~ m|^    (\d+)$|m;
    # save id and url for later
    my $id = $eudora->get( $eudora->prop(id => $msg) );
    push @{$users{$user}}, [ $id, $url ];
for my $user (sort { lc $a cmp lc $b } keys %users) {
    # print journal entries to STDOUT
    my @urls = sort map { $_->[1] } @{$users{$user}};
    printf "%s:\n    %s\n", $user, join "\n    ", @urls;
    # open each journal entry in the browser
    for my $url (reverse @urls) {
    # move messages to the trash
    for my $id (map { $_->[0] } @{$users{$user}}) {
        my $nid = $eudora->obj(message => obj_form(formUniqueID, typeInteger, $id), $box);
        $eudora->move($nid, to => $trash);
    <>;  # wait for NL

Also worthy of note for those of you into Mac::Glue is that the normal form of object is CLASS => VALUE, such as message => $n to specify the nth message; but when we move the message to the trash, we no longer can go by the index, since it changes; so instead we use the message's unique ID, which is what the formUniqueID is all about (currently, Mac::Glue can't easily distinguish between an index and a unique ID that is an integer, so we have to help it out).

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