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My PowerBook is broken yet again. The new one that I got a few months ago, replacing the one Apple broke. I put CDs/DVDs in it, and they are ejected after a few seconds, regardless of the OS I am using (even on boot). Sigh.

Sometimes I feel like a Microsoft user, that I am locked in to one vendor with no real options. At this point I would look elsewhere for a laptop if I possibly could. I can't, not without using what would be IMO a significantly inferior operating system. So I keep coming back for more abuse.

I am sure I wouldn't sound so bitter had my last experience with Apple repair not been so horrible. But now I am moving, and I was going to take my PowerBook on the drive across the country, but now I will probably have to send in the PowerBook for repairs at that time, since I can't really afford to send it in while I am working. I am seriously considering trying to send it in sooner though. It's just that the prospect of sending it in at all is so distressing, since I was without my computer for well over a month the last time.

And yet, here I am, still coming back for more: I ordered a 15GB iPod yesterday. Apple, please please please don't make me regret it.

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