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I've long been a fan of Randy Stonehill. He writes a lot of great songs, he has enormous talent and stage presence, and he plays music I like. I finally plunked down some bucks and got a bunch of his old releases, and a few new ones, on CD at ChristianDiscs.com. Also got the first album by his alternate persona, titled Uncle Stonehill's Hat. Stonehill is probably, musically, the greatest influence on my own music, both singing and playing. Not sure about writing.

Also picked up the new Lost Dogs DVD/CD, Via Chicago from Lo-Fidelity, and Real Men Cry from their web site. The Dogs (well, Terry and Mike) are doing a "backyard BBQ" tour this summer, and I am tempted to invite them to my new place, but I don't know if the landscaping would be done in time. :-)

Now Playing: The Winner (High Card) - Randy Stonehill (Welcome To Paradise)


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