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You are not important. You are not interesting. What you think does not benefit other people.

"Blogging," on the whole, is not important or interesting. "Blogging" is a bunch of people thinking they are important or interesting, and telling each other -- because they are all "bloggers" -- that they are important or interesting. And that is neither important nor interesting.

It's a neverending, self-perpetuating cycle. I say you're great, you say I'm great, and our need for validation is fulfilled, so we can go validate other people. I guess it's harmless enough, but it's really lame and annoying.

Calvin and Hobbes predicted this years ago. Calvin says, "I feel I have an obligation to keep a journal of my thoughts. Being a genius, my ideas are naturally more important and interesting than other people's. So I figure the world would benefit from a record of my mental activities." Hobbes: "How philanthropic of you."

But you aren't a genius. Your ideas are not important or interesting. We, the world, do not benefit from your mental activities. You're just someone who thinks they know a lot more than they do, and likes to be told how great they are. Come back to reality. You're clueless.

And don't think I am any different. I fully expect people to say how great I am for writing this, and it makes me feel dirty.

Oh, and for the record, "blogging" is not "journalism" either. If you have to ask, the answer is No. Trust me -- I've seen your work -- you do not have the discernment to be a journalist. Journalism requires separating the wheat from the chaff, and you're all chaff, baby.

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