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Mac::Carbon seems to be pretty stable, and I have very few open bugs (really only relating to UFS problems and tests), and so now it's time to move on to the next phase of my quest for world dominance.

The plan is to polish up the documentation, write an article for The Perl Journal, and do a presentation for the Seattle Perl Users Group. Oh, and probably do some little mini press releases for the various Apple developer thingys.

Most of the doc changes will be noting what does and doesn't work on Mac OS X. I am not entirely sure what the focus of the article/talk will be (suggestions welcome). Right now I am thinking of talking about Carbon as a "framework" for creating other apps, and then showing various examples. In the past when I've talked about these things, I think I went over it too quickly, and assumed too much of the audience, and lost them quickly. I should have focused and short examples right from the beginning, perhaps.

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