Howard Dean

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It amazes me that anyone respects this guy.

He can't keep his story straight on any major issue. He was for NAFTA, now he's against it. Against Medicare, now for it. For tax cuts, now against them. Against death penalty, now for it.

He's not a thinker, he's a dullard. His views on the death penalty are adequate proof. He was against the death penalty because it is possible to make mistakes in convictions, and because people can be rehabilitated. But now he is for the death penalty in cases of terrorism and child abuse. Does he actually believe that in such cases, mistakes cannot be made? If he does, he is a dullard; if he doesn't, then he is pandering. Neither option is attractive to me. And who says terrorists and child abusers can't be rehabilitated, but serial killers can? Who decides this, and based on what?

His view on gay marriage is similarly obtuse. He supports civil unions because it is the right of all people to have such rights, yadda yadda yadda. But he opposes gay marriage, because "it's the church’s business to decide who they can marry and who they can’t marry." The interviewer replies, but the government decides who they can marry and who they can't marry. Dean responds, "We have civil unions in Vermont," his equivalent to, "this one goes to 11."

And he's a jackass to boot. In the recent debate, Dick Gephardt (quite correctly) said that Dean sided with Newt Gingrich's plan in regard to Medicare. Dean's response? "Don't compare me to Newt Gingrich. No one deserves to be compared to Newt Gingrich."

First off, regardless of what you think of Gingrich, he's not Hitler, and a comparison, when linked to a specific issue, is not an affront to a reasonable person. Second, Gephardt didn't compare Dean to Gingrich. Third, Dean sounds like a whiny little baby. Dude, grow up. Who frelling cares who he compared you to? You might as well say, "Dick's touching me! Stop touching me! I'm telling! MOM!"

I have to think that most of the people who like Dean haven't seen him in one-on-one interviews (such as two on Meet the Press and one on This Week) and the debates, where he just sounds horrible. He denies he ever said things he said, he is constantly explaining away things he admits he said and did, and he is constantly reversing himself.

Howard Dean, you're a dull-witted and freaky little monkey, and I dislike you.

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