Mac-Glue-1.13 Released

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Mac-Glue-1.13 has been released. Download it from the CPAN or

(Note: it may take time for the release to propagate to the various download mirrors.)

* v1.13, September 2, 2003
   Removed Memoize.  The speed gains were exceptionally modest, and some
   bugs popped up resulting from adding it.  It could be added back at
   some point, but it would need to be done more carefully, and right
   now the benefits don't justify the cost in time to get it done properly.
   Cleanup/bug fixes for Mac::AETE::App in finding/opening applications
   and fetching the application names.
   Added a VERSION key to the glues (the version of the application),
   and a version() method.
   Added -c flag to gluemac to check to see if application version matches
   the versions stored in the installed glues ($glue->version eq
   Added -r flag to gluemac to re-create installed application glues
   (with -c, only re-creates those with differing versions).  It's
   recommended that users run gluemac -r to update glues with new
   VERSION key and fixed APPNAME key.

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